Green Policy

We at Oasis Agency motivated to provide highest level of quality interior design. Today’s customers become more and more eco-friendly as well as socially aware of the choices they make, so the majority of our clients look for creating eco-aware interior design. They have a special hope behind it, so that they can attract new generation to go green and follow the green policy.

Our corporate social responsibility and duty is at the heart of an ethical approach that embraces two important things.

  • Using the eco-friendly or environment friendly products to meet the customers need and save the earth.
  • Using and reusing the things that are friendly for the earth and make the interior design with earth friendly things to make it more beautiful.

These two processes ensure in reusing the things or materials that are flexible and environment friendly for the earth and for future change-minimizing the utilization of new materials. Following the green policy we do use building models that are directly minimizing the energy demand, including the active as well as passive renewable energy sources. For a sustainable environment, we Oasis Agency actively working towards minimizing the eco-friendly footprints of our products, services as well as supply chain. Sustainable development using eco-friendly products are essential these days, so we request you to use as much as possible before you begin a project. We will help you to go and follow green to make the earth a better place.

Contact Person

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our customers

Our clientele spread all around the country. We did design, decorate and maintain residential and corporate offices, some of our completed projects are: