Our full service residential, commercial and modular kitchen interior design process have been carefully considered to provide you an out and out personalized experience and a result that is better than you imagined. Our entire process of interior design consists of 7 important steps, such as:

Design Consultation:

Our in-house consultation is especially designed as an information gathering session, when and where our expert interior designers and you will discuss the scope of the project. We generally talk to you about your lifestyle, design imagination or preferences, and other requirements that are associated with your home. We also jot down the process as well as answer your questions if you have.

Scope and Project Overview:

Once you hired us or we both finalize the deal by signing the contract of interior design of your home of office, hotel or restaurant or modular kitchen interior design and fixing the budget, we will follow you up through the email with an outline mentioned the scope of the project based on the understanding we have had from our consultation. We may ask you some additional questions that would assist us to give you the best of best interior design service.

Inspiration and Materials Need:

At the heart of every interior design project is the materials we use on it. It is the master design plan for your home or office which helps us to ensure the consistency as well as harmony across all levels of the projects. Our inspiration is huge, we will discuss and show you other projects, seek feedback and take an actionable plan to make your project grand successful.

Base Design:

We appreciate the importance of base design. Once we have established our interior design approach as well as materials, we will start with the base of the design. We use wallpaper, paint, area rugs etc. Depending on the projects as well as client, this base design phase may include other details, like lighting plans, contractor meetings etc.


In the next important phase of the interior design project we weave in addition to layers to the design to bring your residential or commercial project to life. Layering not only completes the plan but also gives you the professional and designer look with some additional furniture, lightening, finishes, arts and more.

Final Touch and Ordering:

We gather and select items for your home or office from a wide array of sources based on your budget as well as style. When you consider our choice or match with your choice, we will finally order them and do the final touch for your interior design project.

Delivery and Installation:

The final thing is delivery and installation, which is one of the most interesting as well. With a flurry of the commotion, our excellent interior design team will come to your place and finally install the entire things to finish your project.

Do you have any question in mind or you are ready now to set a consultation up to start the process? Contact at Oasis Agency, call us 7278019676 or drop an email at We will be happy to help you.

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Our clientele spread all around the country. We did design, decorate and maintain residential and corporate offices, some of our completed projects are: