Commercial Interior Designing

Today’s busy pace of commerce sometimes pushes the structural essentiality of interior design on the backseat. Because of the reason Oasis Agency takes a dedicated approach to assisting people or companies associated with business in India build that perfect blend of professionalism with interior design and fine-taste. We design interior that delivers on its highest business potential – from lighting to furnishing, from accessories to layout and much, much more. Even the very floors get the Oasis Agency treatment. Some of our commercial interior design services are:

  • Retail Firm Interior Design – The retail shop floor is one of the most important spaces that business owners put a lot of their time, money and energy. We take care of their retail floor interior design blending their functional need of a shop floor giving their floor an aesthetic design that help their customers come to them. Our entire design caters to a wide array of interior design, stores and boutiques, spas and showrooms to name a few.
  • Corporate and Office Interior Design – Offices as well as corporate houses also get the Oasis Agency’s professional interior design service. In these areas we value as well as deliver on flow, structure and functionality. Why we think all 3? Because we normally think or believe that combined, all 3 not only allow for the productivity levels but also boost one’s office and corporate environments.
  • Rehabilitation & Medical Clinic Interior Design – In the time your patients visit your rehabilitation or medical clinic he or she places an emphasis above all else on comfort as well as safety. The look and feel of your clinic for example can create an impact upon their mind. We Oasis Agency offer excellent medical clinic interior design that can create an outward facing corporate ambience which showcases your personality.
  • Hotel and Restaurant Interior Design – We have started providing contemporary as well as traditional interior design to all types of hotels and restaurants in India. If it is a boutique or a big restaurant or so forth, our highly creative, skilled and experienced professional interior designers will endow your restaurant or hotel space with the design that matches your imagination and give them a reality.

At Oasis Agency, we are highly motivated to offer you an extensive of trade interior design. By culminating other resources, we can assist your making your commercial interior look more pulled together and uniqueness. Nothing makes us glad than a beautiful commercial place and happy. We are here to help you. Call us 7278019676 for your next interior design project.


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Our clientele spread all around the country. We did design, decorate and maintain residential and corporate offices, some of our completed projects are: